Sunday, October 16, 2011

We are waiting to hear back from Make A Wish Foundation. They came and interview us last week. Evan wish is to meet Denis Anderson he drive Grave Digger and he wont to ride in Grave Digger truck. Then he wont the power wheel Grave Digger. I just cant believe we got interview with them. He love Monster Trucks. That's all he plays with, he plays with is trains to.

Evan has been sick on and off for the last month now. I think I'm going to take him out of school i hate to do that because he likes school. He don't like me leaving but after i walk out of the room he is fine. They say he does so good. He talks to them and he does what everyone else does. School makes him so tired, when he gets home he lays around the rest of the day. I don't no what he will do when he starts school all day long.

Tomorrow he goes to the pumpkin patch with his school. We are going to have so much fun. He will love it. But he will be so tired when we get home.

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