Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evan has his surgery yesterday. It take us two hours to get there and he cant have nothing to drink and he did great. When we got to the hospital he was okay until they called us back to the room. He was mad and he was a hand full. The doctor came in and he said we will get him back in the OR now. And they did, i couldn't believe it. So i carried him back to the OR, i was holding him while they put the mask on his face. We got him on the table, i kissed him and told him i love him. So i went back out to the waiting room and got me something to eat. Wait for the doctor to come out and tell me what he did.
So the doctor came out and said Evan did fine, he clean out his bladder, put his new catheter in. He said i can come back in few they was putting his dressing back on. So i waited for them to call me back. So finally i got back there and he had some oxygen on him so i started freaking out. They said he is okay. But his airway didn't wont to stay open in the OR. So they had to give him some oxygen. So finally he woke up and he told me, I'm a wake and i got my new tube. Man i love that boy. He is so strong.
So we came home and he laid down for awhile. I asked him if he wont's to go out on the porch and get some sunlight. The weather was nice it was cool and the sun felt so goo. That even got him ready for bath and he was in some pain. After the bath he was still hurting. His bladder was hurting him so bad. I put him to bed and he went back to sleep. I'm not sure why his bladder is hurting him so bad.

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