Thursday, February 21, 2013

I had to take Evan to the doctor today. He was up last night with really bad cough, and fever. He has sinus infection or upper respiratory infection. He can never get break.

We will be going back to Cincinnati soon for skin grafts and scoop of his penis. We are hopping to take His SP Catheter out. Evan wants his catheter out so bad. So i pray that he can pee out of his penis.

Evan is doing okay with his trach. He still don't like it. His neck is doing little better. Evan is breathing so much better, he can play and not get out of breath.

I want to say thanks to everyone for the gifts and card Evan has gotten. He has loved everything. We have got stuff from so many people and in people that don no us from different states. Its so nice to see that there is so many nice people out there.

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  1. You mentioned you had a fb page for Evan, would you share that link so I can follow you there as well. Praying all goes well and that catheter comes out soon!