Friday, February 1, 2013

We have had a lot going on. I had to take Evan to Cincinnati three weeks ago, because he was having hard time breathing. The ENT doctor said he had to scoop him to see whats going on. He said i think its time for a Trach i said no. So the day came i took him back to the OR, i felt bad i just new something was going to happen. I was sick to my stomach and i got upset. I never get upset. So i went to the waiting area, and it wast 5 minutes. i said OMG what happen. The doctor and nurse was there i new something happen. He said Evans airway closed up and he stopped breathing on the table his oxygen level went to 30. And he had to put a breathing tube in his airway to keep him hear. He said his heart didn't stop, but he did stop breathing. I said OMG. he said Evan needs a trach and i lost it. I didn't want a trach. So i said please do it. I don't want to lose my baby boy. So Evan was back in the OR for a long time. Then they put him ICU. I finally got to see him and he looked so bad. I said mommy is hear, and he pick his hand up so i could hold it. I got his hand and i said im not going no where. I told him that i loved him. It was so hard to see him in so much pain and he was trying to talk to me and he couldn't. I said its okay mommy is hear go back to sleep.  

We was in Cincinnati for two weeks. Evan has done good with the trach. He is talking and eating good. His neck and his face has a lot of sores on it. So I'm trying to get it to heal. We go back to Cincinnati in couple more weeks.

 The day Evan got his trach.
 Couple days later.
 Evan was up and out of bed.
 His Balloon I got for him.
He finally was able to get out of his room and go for a walk.

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  1. oh, I've been thinking of him and your family so often! I had a feeling something had happened, since you hadn't updated in quite some time. I hope the trach helps out his breating issues, although I know it is not something you wanted. I'll continue to pray for the little guy and the rest of your family.