Sunday, February 17, 2013

We had to go back to Cincinnati for EB Clinic. Evan had to have ultrasound on his bladder and kidneys. We finally got some good news. They said Evan was doing great. They might take his Catheter out when he has skin grafts. Me and Evan was so happy to hear that.

We will go back in couple months so Evan can get his skin grafts, and then they will look in his penis and might take the catheter out. I hope and pray that it works.The ENT doctor will also look in Evans airway to check out things.

While we was in Cincinnati this time i told Evan we would have some fun. So we went to the Aquarium. He loved it he had the best time. When we walked in there he said what about my trach, i said its fine. He said will the fish and the sharks like it. I said yes they will love it. Poor thing worries so much about his trach.

 Evan at the pool.

 Evan and Daisy eating pizza.

 When we got home they had the monster Truck Show.
Evans favorite truck.

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