Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evan is doing better now he is back to his self now. I'm so glade. He is still having problems with his penis. SO i don't no what we are going to do about it. We go see the Urology tomorrow so i hope he can do something with him. His toes are looking a little better.
We went outside Sunday it was so nice out side, Evan had so much fun out there.
Evan will be 18 months on March 11 i just cant believe it. He just amazes me. I never thought we would be hear now. When he was born his skin looked so bad, now his skin looks so much better. He still has a lot of sores on him. But i don't have to wrap his arms or legs now. Some time I will have to wrap his legs. I have to keep his feet wrap all the time. Now if i could get his noise to heal we would be okay. But his noise will never heal i don't think.

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  1. He is so adorable! I am glad to hear he is doing better. I hope they can help you figure out what to do about his boy parts and finally find a solution. If not maybe you should try to get a second opinion. I will continue to pray.