Friday, February 5, 2010

I guess i have talk to much about Evan how he looked. I wont do that no more. He is getting blister everywhere. He is looking so bad. Some of his his sores are not looking good. He had blister on his leg yesterday, and it was big as a golf ball. My poor little man is now hurting. Now his buttock is getting blister on it. He diaper area was looking so good. He is missing so much skin on his buttock, that is just kills me. I don't no how he can deal with it. I hate to see him in all this pain. He has blister on his eyelid and i don't know what to do about it. He never had one on his eye lid. It's not looking good either it has some yellow in it. So i guess it gets worse i will have to take him the doctor. I hate EB.
We went to the Urology yesterday, and they said for me to keep open his hole everyday. The tissue grow over it in just a day. They gave me something else to use and it's so much easier, and it don't hurt him that bad.

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