Monday, February 1, 2010

Evan is doing good. He is still having problems with his penis. We goes back to the urology Thursday. I'm having a hard time opening it, and if i don't open it he can't pee. So i wish his penis would just heal.
His toes are really bad now, they are hurting him bad. His fingers are looking good.
He is eating good now. All weekend long he eat an eat. Mommy was so happy. He is not wanting to drink milk now for some reason. He needs his milk. So i don't no what up with that. He isn't drink a lot like he has, but i guess because he is eating now. Who knows.
Him and his shoes he loves them, he wont's them on all the time. When he wears them he thinks he can jump. So now his new thing is to jump over everything, and he having a hard time doing that. But he is trying.He is hurting his self, but he don't care he keeps on doing it. I'm so afraid he is going to hurt his skin or make blister. he gets mad at me when i tell him no.. You don't wont to make him mad. When he gets mad he gets mad. He will hit his head on the floor or on the wall. I guess he gets that from his daddy. I no his daddy gets mad easy. So they say son like father. So i guess we will see.
I took him out in the snow this weekend and he didn't like it at all. I put him in the snow and he cry he didn't like it at all. I wish i would have took some picture. But i forgot my camera.

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