Sunday, May 23, 2010

Evan is doing okay he is getting alot of new blisters. His face is looking bad. I don't think he can go outside that much now. When he goes out there he turn red and his breathing gets really bad. SO I'm going to call and talk to the doctor about that. I have had him in this weekend and his breathing is a little better, but he still breathing hard. He is have problems again with his little boy part. He is having a hard time peeing.

I wish he would wake up one morning and be EB free. That would be so nice.

His teeth are still hurting him. They are so decayed. So I'm waiting for the doctors in Cincinnati to call me so we can go up there and get his teeth fixed. I hope soon.

He is still a little fighter and he keeps on going. That's what i love about him. He is a fighter.

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