Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evan is having some problems with the rest of his teeth. The one's that came in was looking pretty good and now they are breaking off and they are hurting him now. So i called the dentist in Roanoke and they are going to see him today. I don't think they will do anything. But someone will do something soon. I don't like him in all this pain.
The heat is really getting to him again. So i had to turn on the AC. He is getting more blisters. His face looks bad now. I had to wrap his arm today that is the first time i had to do that for a long time and let me tell you he don't like it at all. He has done took it off twice now. So i don't wont I'm going to do.

Hannah is still have problems with her stomach. We are trying to get her cleaned out but it's been hard. They gave some suppository's and she don't like it at all. But it working now. But it really making her stomach hurt.

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  1. I'm praying for God to move in a healing way in your home. He is able!