Friday, June 4, 2010

Evan had to go and see the ENT doctor today. His breathing still hasn't been good. So the ENT doctor is going to check his airway to see if he can see anything. We are worried about his noise to, because his noise bleeds now all the time. Evan cant lose no more blood he is already anemic. So they are going to put him to sleep and put the Silver nitrate on his noise. I don't no when the surgery will be done. They are going to try to do it soon. So i hope I'm worried about his breathing. He can't do nothing and his breathing gets so bad that he has to sit down.
He still not eating like he should. His little boy parts is still hurting him. But he is peeing.
I got the pool at this week and I put it up, I put Evan in it and he loved it.
It has been to hot to play outside, so we have been stay inside. It is making me go crazy. But i guess i will be okay. I feel so bad for him because he cry to go outside with his sister. Its so sad. I hate EB.

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