Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We are having okay week so far. Yesterday me and Evan went to my moms and helped her put up her lights outside. Evan had so much fun. He said i help mommy i help granny i help paw paw. He was so fun and he had so much fun. Then i came home and we did mine. Evan and the girls decorate the tree, it looks so good. Evan loves the tree and the train under it. He lays there and he will watch the train.
Evan is still having a hard time pee. I called the doctor yesterday he said he will talk to some other doctor and call me back. They think he has blockage some where up in there. So why aren't they doing anything is my answer. So I'm going to call them back today hear in a few. My son can keep on like this. So the peeing think is driving me crazy, because i have to watch my son in pain and i hate it.

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