Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday morning came i got Evan up and ready to go to the hospital he new there was something going on. So we got to the hospital he was fine at first then he new where he was. Evan was cry and he started shaking. I felt so bad for him. There was nothing i could do he was crying,kicking, hitting me and everything else. So finally we got him some bubbles and some trucks that worked for awhile, then no more. He said mommy go mommy go. He was ready to get out of there. So it was time to go to the OR, I had to hold him down with his blankets around him and they gave him his gas to go to sleep. It was so sad. I gave him a kiss and told him i loved him see him in bit. He was back there for 2hours. Then i got to talk to all the doctors, the ENT doctor said his airway isn't getting no better his vocal cords are swollen he has a lot of blister in there. He is really worried abut him. So we go back January to check his airway, if his breathing gets worse before then we go back up there then. I don't wont to trach Evan until we have to. The urology told me that his penis looks okay they took the stint out. So we are hopping this will keep it open if not, he said there is some other stuff they can try. Then his dental work they took 4 teeth out and cap 4 of his back teeth. They cap them so he will have them to eat with. He got a couple of blister in his month put they took care of them while he was a sleep.
So i got to go see him in the recovery room he was sleep so good. I was check to him to make sure he didn't get no new blister and he did a big one on his arms. So i got my stuff and fixed it while he was still a sleep. So then they took him to his room to get ready for his iron infusion. But the doctor came in and said we have to wait to do his iron infusion, his blood work came back that his HMG was low so we had to see which one they was going to give him. So he got a blood transfusion done. He did really good with it. We stayed at the hospital over night so they could watch him to make sure he was doing okay. Evan did good.

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  1. Thinking of you guys and hoping you enjoy a peaceful thanksgiving weekend...
    john,beth, zachary, casey and Becky